Timber Deck Restoration

Restore your timber deck back to its brand-new condition

Restoration and maintenance of outdoor decks is a key part of the work we do. We also provide timber floor sanding and restoration services for newly built outdoor deckings.

Whether your deck needs a complete restoration or a well-loved timber decking is in need of a maintenance program give us a call and let’s talk. We know how important your outdoor space is.

Especially in Sydney’s warm climate, your outdoor living area is not just a living space, it’s an important part of our lifestyle.

Our outdoor decking services include:


  • Repairs including replacing damaged floor boards and securing any loose timber boards.
  • Timber deck maintenance
  • Oiling using high-performance decking oils to resist the harsh Australian climate

To restore a deck properly we use and recommend Cutek. We find this product works differently to most other leading wood oils. Unlike traditional wood finishes, Cutek oil has been uniquely developed to diffuse very deeply into the timber.

Wood soaks up Cutek just like a sponge – providing moisture protection and long term dimensional stability from the inside out. You have the choice of preserving your timber’s character by letting it weather naturally to an attractive silver patina, or retaining its original freshly oiled colour with one of our 10 wood protector colourtones.

We are proud to offer products resistance to typical coastal conditions including UV damage, water and abrasion.

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