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Bleaching wood floors successfully is a controlled chemical reaction that involves a technique using Wood floor Bleaching and uv lighting. A safe, VOC free, 2- component liquid wood floor bleaching system that will dramatically lighten up dark timbers such us,  jarrah – spotted gum – Brushbox – Sydney blue gum – merbau and many more wood species to bleach.

Our wooden floor bleaching system will even bleach cypress pine and bleach Tasmanian oak to create a beautiful Scandinavian look combined with a custom white oil without losing the natural grain structure of the wood.  Bleaching timber floor boards is a technique that has been engineered and developed by Citybeach over the years  achieving consistent jaw dropping results. We GUARANTEE the lightest bleached timber floors.

There are only a few professionals that bleach timber floors in Sydney who offer this service to lighten timber floors. If you’re looking for bleached wooden floor boards to a bleach Scandinavian wood floor look then bleaching floor boards is an excellent and cost effective alternative to revamping and giving your house a completely new look. We can bleach Sydney blue gum wooden floors, bleach jarrah wooden floors and bleach brush box wooden floor boards merbau wood floors plus many more.

People often mistake bleaching and liming as the same thing and whilst bleaching floor boards makes a similar effect to liming the process is very different. Bleaching wooden floor boards is a process in which a chemical reaction takes place between the bleaching solution and the wooden floors.

The main advantage of bleaching timber floors compared to liming is that the bleaching can lighten up dark timbers dramatically such as a dark red Sydney blue gum floor without hiding the natural grain structure of the wood. Liming is limited  as it can’t make darker timbers lighten up without blocking the grain structure. In reality it will look like a white painted floor.

The process of Bleaching wooden floors is complicated and needs caution. There are many different wooden floor bleaching methods and some timber floor bleaching methods can create dangerous and harmful gas emissions and not be as effective. Citybeach timber flooring are the wood floor bleaching specialist. We only use VOC free timber floor bleach solutions to create We are highly skilled and confident craftsmen when bleaching wooden floor boards.

Water-based polyurethane

Non-toxic, low odour, fast drying and a very durable coating system. A popular product here in Sydney for your timber flooring and we only use and recommend The best water-based floor coating systems that were developed for high traffic intensity.

These products have uncompromising resistance to scratching, scuff marks and chemicals whilst being environmentally friendly. They are fast curing and delivers a clear non-yellowing formula which will enhance the natural beauty in your timber floor and of course is Greengaurd approved for low indoor emissions inside your home.


Solvent-based polyurethane

Solvent based polyurethanes offer the highest gloss option for those who want to achieve the highest level of sheen for timber floors. These products are a cost-effective way to achieve a beautiful finish for your hardwood timber floors but also very toxic.

These products are highly resistant to abrasions and are extremely durable and hard wearing. They can achieve both a superior gloss or a silky matte finish

The strong odour may be present during its application but it will subside as it dries up. And since they have a high level of toxicity and strong solvent, we recommend the home owner not to be inside whilst we are coating.

In essence, it can be bewildering to choose the right finish given the wide array of choices. However, Citybeach Timber flooring can offer you plenty of options and in return you will end up with an investment that’s worth your hard-earned money.


Bleached Wood Floors-Before
Bleached Wood Floors-After

Synteko Hardwax oil

We use and recommend Synteko Hardwax Oil because it is the next generation in penetrating oil timber floor coatings. This can be applied to all timber floors, especially suitable for high traffic areas. Excellent wear-resistance, thanks to its high solids (100%) content, giving it good grain filling properties.

This is a matte finish only.

Synteko Hardwax Oil is made from renewable raw materials, cobalt-free and no solvents resulting in it being VOC free. In addition to its good water resistance properties, provided it is applied correctly, it meets the R10 classification. Another advantage is that this oil can be tinted with Synteko Tinting Paste which consists of seven different coloured pigment pastes to be added to Synteko Hardwax, Natural and Domo OIL’s.

By adding Synteko Tinting Paste to the floor oil, the wooden floor can be coloured as desired while at the same time maintaining all the benefits and excellent properties of the penetrating oil.

The tinted oil highlights the natural grain of the wood whilst providing the wood with a clear deep colour.

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