Timber Flooring Services Manly

We Offer Our Timber Flooring Services To The Manly Area

Here at City Beach Timber Flooring, we serve the local community of Manly. Our experienced craftsmen offer floor sanding and polishing services for a range of different wooden floors such as parquet and timber flooring. We use high-quality equipment and materials to deliver flooring services that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a custom stain for your flooring, a bleached wood floor or a timber deck restoration, we’ve got you covered here at City Beach Timber Flooring.

Where are we situated?

City Beach Timber Flooring is located in Dee-Why, which is a quick 12-minute drive from Manly. Manly is one of the Northern Beaches suburbs that has it all – great schools, convenient transport links, plenty of parks and sporting facilities, and a thriving community spirit.

There is also a wide range of residential properties and architectural designs in Manly, with residents here looking for creative ways to improve the visual design of their homes. This seaside community is home to some of the most interesting and eclectic architecture in all of Australia. From Art Deco buildings to modernist homes, there’s something for everyone in Manly. Closer to Manly beach, most homes have timber or wooden decks that extend outwards from the main living area, allowing residents to have a view of the beach. So, if you need a timber deck floor restoration, or want to proof tint your timber floors for a brand-new feel, then get in touch with City Beach Timber Flooring as we are conveniently located just a short drive from Manly.

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Why choose City Beach Timber Flooring?

Convenient location

City Beach Timber Flooring is a convenient 12-minute drive from the residential area of Manly. So, if you reside in Manly and are thinking about polishing, sanding or staining your wooden floors, we’re just a short drive away and can send over one of our expert craftsmen to get the job done quickly.

Experienced Craftsmen

We are a family-owned, trusted company that has been in the industry for over 50 years. We focus on wooden floors and want to make sure you get them looking their best! With more than 21 years of experience under his belt–Travis James knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to taking care of your wooden floors and delivering high-quality results. He founded the business and is a second-generation floor sanding specialist with extensive knowledge about sanding, polishing and restoring old floorboards. Our expert craftsmen have experience in servicing a wide range of wooden floors in the northern beaches from Manly to neighbouring suburbs like Dee Why and Brookvale.

Range of wooden flooring solutions

Here at City Beach Timber Flooring we offer a range of wooden floor solutions from floor sanding and polishing, bleaching, staining and timber floor restoration. All these services are perfect for Manly sea-side homes, where most have wooden floors or timber decks. We also offer a range of floor coatings, hard wax oil coatings and wooden stains.

Use high-quality materials and equipment

Our customers are always satisfied with the quality finish of their wooden floors, as we use high-quality equipment to polish, sand and restore floors to look brand new. We can transform old floorboards into brand new, shiny floors using our high-tech equipment such as edging machines, American built sanders and European polishing equipment.

Residing In The Manly Area And Needing To Polish, Sand Or Restore Your Timber Floors? Contact City Beach Timber Flooring Today.

If you’re thinking about restoring your wooden timber floors, get in contact with City Beach Timber Flooring. We are situated at a quick drive from Manly and can easily send out one of our expert craftsmen to service your wooden floors. We also have extensive experience servicing this area, so we know how to care for the timber and wooden floor materials in Manly homes. So, contact us, to get in touch with high-quality, reliable and trusted flooring and sanding experts.