How long will it take to complete the job?

Every floor sanding and polishing job is different. Depending on the condition of the timber floor etc we usually sand and polish 50㎡ – 60㎡ per day

Is there going to be much dust?

To be honest there is next to no dust. We have invested in state of the art HEPA dust extractors all with cyclonic dust separator technology.

Can I stay inside while you’re working?

Yes! If you can handle noise there would be no problem at all. Although some coating’s do smell so you may need to make plans to evacuate the premises.

What floor coating should I use?

We use and recommend water based coatings. This type of coating system does not smell ‘low VOC’, dry’s within hours after application and will not turn yellow from a little sunlight unlike the traditionally used solvent based coating.

How many coats are applied?

We always apply x3 coats of water based or solvent base. However Hardwax oil’s usually have x2 coats.

How do I clean my floors?

We supply and recommend using washable micro-fibre mops with environmentally sound PH neutral cleaner. This is a really easy way to clean and care for your wood floors and will continue to turn heads many years from now.

Do I need to remove all the furniture?

Yes! All furniture must be removed prior to commencement. We do say if you can remove most of the furniture we can assist with helping tables, fridges etc.

When can the furniture go back?

Furniture can usually be placed back into the floor 48hrs after the final coat has been done. Prior to furniture going back on to the timber floor please check all felt on the legs of furniture are intact.

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