Engineered Timber Flooring

Choose sustainability with Engineered Timber flooring

There are a few reasons why Engineered Timber Flooring could be the perfect choice for you and your family and why it is quickly becoming a preferred choice by architects, insurance company’s and home owners. Engineered oak is affordable and is also environmentally friendly! Unlike solid oak, by using only 3 to 7 inches of oak wood as a top layer veneer, you will only be using a small portion of the tree, unlike solid oak wood which uses the majority. The compressed core of engineered flooring utilises waste wood and pulp, using fewer materials during the construction process.

When choosing Engineered Timber Flooring oak, you’re opting for a very unique sustainable product. There has been a growing consciousness surrounding the environment, with it never being more important to start making greener choices with every aspect of your lifestyle, including your flooring. consists of a 3mm – 5mm hardwood timber veneer pre laminated to an engineered backing board. They are commonly prefinished on a factory coating line, with many of the coatings including a hardening additive to increase durability of the finished product. Engineered flooring can be either floated on an approved underlay, or alternatively direct stuck to a suitable subfloor in order to achieve a more solid feel underfoot.

Engineered flooring has become an increasingly popular substitute for traditional solid timber flooring. It still has the attractive appearance of natural hardwood, while boasting a significantly shorter installation timeframe. Engineered timber is also remarkably durable, and when compared to its solid counterparts, comes at a very affordable price.

This type of flooring is also very stable in all conditions and environments. Because it’s engineered with multiple layers, it is less susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity.

Citybeach Timber flooring can sand and refinish any type of French oak Engineered Timber Flooring.

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